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QYZ5040ZZZBEV Heavy Duty Cargo Truck With 2.3m3 Dustbin Volume Garbage Truck

QYZ5040ZZZBEV Heavy Duty Cargo Truck With 2.3m3 Dustbin Volume Garbage Truck

2.3m3 Dustbin Volume Garbage Truck

4300KG Heavy Duty Cargo Truck

2300mm Heavy Duty Cargo Truck

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CAERI-Pure electric zero-emission garbage truck

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Product Details
Vehicle Model:
Feeding Mode:
The Rear Bucket Is Lifted And Overturned.
Specification Of Trash Can (L):
External Dimensions (mm):
Effective Volume Of Dustbin (m):
Rated Load Capacity (Kg):
Total Mass (kg):
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Minimum Order Quantity
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Delivery Time
45 work days
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Product Description

Product Description:

QYZ5040ZZZBEV Heavy Duty Cargo Truck With 2.3m3 Dustbin Volume Garbage Truck Garbage Truck With Strong Product Powe


A pure electric self-loading and unloading garbage truck refers to a specialized vehicle that combines the features of an automated side loader (ASL) garbage truck with an all-electric powertrain. This type of truck is designed to collect and transport waste while operating solely on electric power, eliminating the need for fossil fuels and reducing carbon emissions.


QYZ5040ZZZBEV pure electric self-loading and unloading garbage truck is a pure electric zero-emission garbage truck developed by Chongqing Kerry Special Company according to the market demand. It is suitable for noise-sensitive areas such as residential quarters and does not disturb the people. The second-class chassis of SAIC SH1047PBEVNZ pure electric special purpose vehicle is modified and equipped with well-known brand drive motors. The product has strong power, energy saving and environmental protection.





►Electric powertrain:

The truck is powered by an electric motor, typically powered by a rechargeable battery pack. The electric powertrain provides a clean and quiet operation, reducing noise pollution and air pollution in urban areas.


►Self-loading and unloading capabilities:

Similar to traditional ASL garbage trucks, the vehicle is equipped with a mechanical arm or hydraulic lifting mechanism for automated waste collection and emptying. This allows for efficient and labor-saving waste collection processes.


►Zero emissions:

By relying on electric power, the truck produces zero tailpipe emissions, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving local air quality. It helps municipalities and waste management companies achieve their sustainability goals and contribute to a cleaner environment.


►Lower operating costs:

Electric vehicles generally have lower operating costs compared to their diesel or gasoline counterparts. They require less maintenance, have lower fuel costs, and benefit from potential incentives and tax credits for electric vehicle adoption.


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QYZ5040ZZZBEV Heavy Duty Cargo Truck With 2.3m3 Dustbin Volume Garbage Truck 0





Technical Parameters:


Vehicle model QYZ5040ZZZBEV
Feeding mode The Rear Bucket Is Lifted And Overturned.
Specification of trash can (L) 120/240
External dimensions (mm) 5180×1680×2300
Chassis Model 上汽SH1047PBEVNZ





The application of pure electric self-loading and unloading garbage trucks continues to expand as the focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility grows. These vehicles play a crucial role in modernizing waste management systems, reducing emissions, and promoting cleaner and healthier communities. Electric garbage trucks can be adapted for specialized waste collection, such as organic waste or recyclables. These trucks can have separate compartments or storage areas to segregate different types of waste, enabling efficient and sustainable waste management practices.




Support and Services:


Our technical support and service for Special Transport Vehicle is comprehensive and designed to ensure that you get the most out of your purchase. Our experienced staff will provide you with the following services:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • On-site repair and maintenance
  • Free technical advice
  • Frequent software updates
  • Regular safety checks

We understand the importance of keeping your Special Transport Vehicle running smoothly, and our technical support and service team is standing by to assist you every step of the way.


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping:

Special Transport Vehicle will be shipped in a secure package. All components must be protected and secured during packaging and shipping. The package must include the following items:

  • Special Transport Vehicle
  • Installation and User Manual
  • Safety Manual
  • All necessary spare parts

The package must be labeled clearly and correctly with the full address of the recipient. All packages must be properly insured to cover any potential damages during the shipping.

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