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Chinese pickup trucks MAXUS STAR-H Automatic 2WD cheap vehicle for sale

Chinese pickup trucks MAXUS STAR-H Automatic 2WD cheap vehicle for sale

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H --Automatic Diesel Single Boost 2WD

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Front Suspension:
Double Fork Wall Independent Suspension
Energy Type:
Standard Configuration Item
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Standard Configuration Item
Rear Air Outlet:
Standard Configuration Item
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30 days
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Product Description

Chinese pickup trucks MAXUS STAR-H Automatic 2WD cheap vehicle for sale

Product Description:

In order to meet the needs of both commercial and passenger use, pickup trucks not only have excellent performance, but also have more requirements for intelligence, comfort, safety, etc. The concept of private cars must be thoroughly integrated into this vehicle. SAIC MAXUS' Star Series pickup truck was born based on a new platform. It is built on a new platform in terms of appearance, interior, power, chassis, safety and other aspects. It is a cost-effective model that meets users' needs for luxury, off-road, commercial and passenger vehicles.

From purely commercial to commercial and passenger, it can be easily used for home use. SAIC Maxus Interstellar H pickup truck has also put a lot of effort into the research and development design. This new high-end pickup truck also brings high performance, high technology and personalization into full play. The ultimate, meeting all-round off-road scenarios and home needs.


The SAIC Maxus Interstellar H pickup truck is very different from our common pickup trucks. Its interstellar armor aesthetic appearance makes the vehicle bold and majestic. It has a cosmic starlight matrix mecha front face, Beidou Eye split LED headlights, and a falcon-style holographic taillight. The star storm whirlwind wheel design is integrated into one, interpreting the new luxury mecha aesthetics from head to toe.


Towing and Hauling Capability: Due to their high torque output, diesel pickup trucks excel in towing and hauling applications. They can tow heavy trailers, boats, or recreational vehicles with ease, making them popular choices for individuals involved in industries such as construction, agriculture, and outdoor recreation. Additionally, diesel engines provide better engine braking, which can enhance control and stability while towing heavy loads downhill.


Resale Value: Diesel pickup trucks tend to retain their value well over time. Their durability and towing capabilities make them desirable in the used vehicle market, leading to higher resale values compared to some gasoline-powered alternatives. This can be advantageous for owners who plan to sell or trade their vehicles in the future.


Torque for Off-Road Performance: The high torque output of diesel engines can benefit off-road enthusiasts. The torque delivered by diesel engines allows for better low-end power, which aids in navigating challenging terrains, crawling over obstacles, and traversing uneven surfaces. This makes diesel pickup trucks suitable for individuals who enjoy off-road adventures or require vehicles with excellent off-road capabilities.


Heavy-Duty Components: Diesel pickup trucks often incorporate heavy-duty components to handle the increased stresses associated with towing and hauling. This includes reinforced frames, suspension systems, and braking systems, ensuring that the vehicle can withstand heavy loads and demanding conditions.

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Value
Engine 2.0L Diesel
Max Power(kW) 120
Displacement(L) 2.0
Energy Type Diesel
Wheelbase(mm) 5710
Vehicle Structure(mm) 1960 * 1855
Tire 255/60 R18
Front Brake Disc
ABS Standard Configuration Item
EBD/CBC Standard Configuration Item
Rear Air Outlet Standard Configuration Item
LCD Dashboard Standard Configuration Item


Off-Roading: Diesel pickup trucks with four-wheel drive capabilities are popular choices for off-road enthusiasts. The torque and low-end power of diesel engines provide better traction, allowing these trucks to tackle rugged terrains, muddy trails, and steep inclines. Diesel pickup trucks can be equipped with off-road packages, including enhanced suspension systems, skid plates, and specialized tires, to further enhance their off-road performance.


Construction and Utility Work: Diesel pickup trucks are commonly used in construction sites and utility work. They can transport construction materials, such as lumber, bricks, and concrete, to job sites. The durable construction and towing capacity of diesel pickup trucks make them suitable for carrying heavy equipment, such as excavators, loaders, and generators. Their versatility and ability to handle rough terrains make them valuable assets in these industries.


Recreational Activities: Diesel pickup trucks are favored by outdoor enthusiasts who engage in recreational activities such as camping, boating, and off-road adventures. Their towing capacity allows them to haul recreational vehicles, boats, and trailers, enabling individuals to transport their gear and equipment for outdoor recreational pursuits.


Long-Distance Travel: The fuel efficiency and longer driving ranges of diesel pickup trucks make them suitable for long-distance travel. They are often chosen by individuals who frequently embark on road trips, cross-country journeys, or extended travel. The ability to cover long distances without frequent refueling is advantageous for those who require efficient and reliable transportation.


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Q: What is the brand name of this pickup truck?

A: The brand name of this pickup truck is MAXUS STAR.

Q: What is the model number of this pickup truck?

A: The model number of this pickup truck is H ---Automatic Diesel Single Boost 2WD.

Q: Where is this pickup truck produced?

A: This pickup truck is produced in China.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity for this pickup truck?

A: The minimum order quantity for this pickup truck is 1.

Q: Is this pickup truck certified?

A: For information on certification, please contact us.

Q: What is the packaging detail for this pickup truck?

A: The packaging detail for this pickup truck is ro-ro.

Q: What is the delivery time for this pickup truck?

A: The delivery time for this pickup truck is 30 work days.

Q: Is the price of this pickup truck negotiable?

A: Yes, the price of this pickup truck is negotiable.

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